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The Question about content…

“What topics (or content) should I cover to drive traffic to my training business website?”

This is a great question!  The following is the process I use to find high-value topics to not only get website traffic.  But, also, establish trust with your prospective students.

The key to website success is quality content. Quality content is something that your visitors will enjoy reading, watching or listening to and will refer their friends, colleagues, family members and others to it. via Learn why and how to create unique, quality content …

Start Here…

I’m going to assume you already have identified your target market and “Avatar” (i.e., Ideal Client).  If you haven’t you should grab a copy of my book, “Immediate Action Marketing: Tactical Marketing System,” available on Amazon.

Knowing WHO you are talking too, is critical to ensuring you are choosing the right topics to create content about.  This post will be mainly for prospects who are in the “Awareness” stage of your content marketing strategy.

The “Awareness” stage is all about getting people who don’t know about you or your training business, to consume your information and get interested in the training you offer.

Your goal is to create engaging content to drive people to your website.  The job of your website is to compel the prospect to take the next step in your marketing and sales process (more on this in another post).

The “Ear to the Ground Strategy”

You may remember when you were growing up the one person in your neighborhood who always knew everything about everybody.  I had someone like that when I was growing up.  It was always said, “He keeps his ‘ear to the ground’.”

The more you know about your ideal client, the more you will be able to create engaging content to attract them to your website.  You need to know the following:

  • What they are talking about?
  • Who they are talking about?
  • Their fears and worries?
  • What they read?
  • Who are their “influencers?”

The goal is to put the “right message in front of the right person” (Dan Kennedy, GKIC).  The “Ear to the Ground” strategy is all about collecting intel on what your audience finds intriguing, important, and valuable.  Once you get ideas, then you can get down to demonstrating your expertise on the topic.

But, First you have to…


It all starts with research.  Luckily we have information available at our fingertips, so you can always be researching.  Here are a few tools to get you started:

  • Google Keyword Planner

Keywords are what people use to search for relevant information.  I like to use the Google Keyword tool to get ideas about what people are searching for.

Here is a link to a great resource on how to use keyword tools to generate content ideas:

How to use keyword tools to brainstorm blog topics” ( is basically a content and competitor research tool.  You can use to find out what topics are being shared.  This tool is a complete GAMECHANGER!  It’s a paid service, but they do have a free version which gives you more than enough information to generate some killer content ideas. is a Q&A resource.  You can use Quora to find out what questions people are asking.  It’s pretty simple to use, just type a topic or ask a question.  This is a great resource for getting questions from real people without having to guess.

In the picture above, I typed in “home defense.”  I found a question that got 124,000 views and 642 “upvotes.”  Based on the number of views and upvotes, this might be a good topic to write about or make a video on.

If I’ve sparked you interest in my “Ear to the Ground” strategy, then you’ll want to bookmark this page and tune back in for more tools and strategies!  I’ll continue to update this post with more ways to ensure you are on top of what your prospects find valuable.

Until next time…


Omari Broussard
Founder of Immediate Action Marketing.  He is also a firearms instructor, marketing strategist and author of “Immediate Action Marketing: Tactical Marketing System,” available now on Amazon.  Connect with Omari on Facebook.