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How would like to have conversations with your prospects and clients while you sleep? What if those conversations turned into new students?

Here is the problem…

Most businesses use email strictly for selling. “Buy my product”, “Next Sale”, “Here is my next course”, etc., etc.

If you are not using email to build trust, authority and an audience hungry for your information, then you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity. You can still sell (and you should), but your email system should facilitate a conversation with your audience.

Let’s get into the 3 Reasons why You need to have an Email “System”

Reason #1: Email is the lowest cost way to get “in front” of your audience. Imagine if you could talk to 100 people everyday for a week. Email allows you to do so. You can use email to tell a story or to get your audience’s opinion (aka a Survey).

Reason #2: Email is still considered personal. If your prospect gives you explicit permission to send them emails, they want to know about you and your company. You should only count a person as a lead if you have at least an email address.

Reason #3: You can use email to “fly below the radar”, You competition will not be able to see all of what you are doing behind the scenes (unless they become your customer). A competitor may be able to see your tactics by joining you general list. But, if your email list is segmented and you are sending different emails to sub-lists they can’t keep up.

Do you have an email system or are you just using email as a tool?

You know what’s next…

Take Immediate Action!

Omari Broussard
Chief “Immediate Action Taker”

P.S. – Just to give you an example of how powerful email is, I was able to make $400 off an email that had no sells pitch in it…