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Omari Broussard | Immediate Action Marketing
Omari Broussard, Founder of Immediate Action Marketing

Welcome to Immediate Action Marketing!

My name is Omari Broussard

I’ve been a Personal Defense instructor for about a decade. And I still continue to teach across the United States.

I started Immediate Action Marketing because there was little marketing and business development advice available specifically for instructors who teach firearms, combatives, and other personal defense related material.

For the last 5 years I’ve been studying, testing, and researching marketing.

I’ve interviewed marketing guru’s and bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of information.

I’ve helped other instructors, business owners (in about 5 other industries), and solo-preneurs build marketing strategies and systems that produce results.

Immediate Action Marketing is designed to be your go to place for marketing strategies and tactics.
The site will be constantly evolving. So visit often.

You can look me up on Facebook (omaribroussard), if you have any questions.

Take Immediate Action!

Omari Broussard

Founder of Immediate Action Marketing