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Why Firearms Instructors Should Leverage Content Marketing…

Good Morning!  I just finished listening to a podcast episode on content marketing.  Firearms instructors can use content to build trust in the market.  Your content can also be used to build authority and help prospects get to know you.  I’ve also included a short step-by-step plan at the end of this post.  Enjoy!

What is “content marketing”?

Content marketing is a way to help your prospects know you, your brand, and your expertise.

Content can come in different forms: video, audio, and text.


  • A blog post on a specific technique
  • An audio clip of you giving a block of instruction
  • A video of you teaching someone how to operate a firearm
  • An article you write on how to set up equipment for concealed carry

Why is content important?

Your content helps people to get to know you without making a monetary commitment. I call this “front-end content.”

Pretty much all your knowledge can be presented as content. You can package your knowledge to meet your prospects needs.

For example, if a prospect comes across your website, you could offer a free email course on how to choose a defensive firearm. You could also give away a free audio cd (or mp3 download).

You blog is an excellent way to help people get to know how you think, teach and showcase your material.

Over the past few years or so, content marketing has gained some traction with major media buying platforms and search engines.  No longer are you considered relevant because you have a flashy website or cheap offer.

Google and Facebook are starting to alter their formulas to give more “juice” to businesses who show they are relevant to the end users questions and search queries.

How to use content to get new leads:

Here is a quick and easy way to use your content for lead generation.

Step 1: Create content. Write a blog post designed to solve a pain point (e.g. 3 steps to choosing a defensive handgun)

  • Make the tone of voice conversational (minimize the industry technical jargon)
  • Add a “Call to Action” at the bottom of the post (with an opt-in box) – “For more tips like this one or to get more tips join our weekly tips e-blast!”

Step 2: Run traffic to the blog post.  Share your new blog post on social media.

If you have an email list, you could send them an email to read your new post (this will help increase engagement of non-buyers and current clients).

Step 3: Follow-up. If you get new leads (names and emails) put them in a follow up sequence.

  • For new leads who opt-in on your post, put them in an introductory email sequence to start building the relationship
  • You can place a “custom audience pixel” (can be created in Facebook Ads Manager) to create a custom audience. Now you can put relevant offers in front of people who are interested in the topic you presented in the blog post

The result…

You were able to get new leads in your marketing system for FREE!

For more information on how to create and leverage your content for getting more leads and increasing your student base be sure to get on the IAM Tactics Newsletter.

Until next time…

Take Immediate Action!

Omari Broussard
Immediate Action Marketing

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